Welcome to the Spa!

We here at the SFWG would like all of our writers and readers to be relaxed, happy and peaceful. Sometimes, that requires that we take a break from the little stresses of ‘Real Life,’ including work, school, family and friends. So check into one of our comfortably padded rooms and allow our licensed nurses to assist you as you sit back and enjoy a variety of the treatments and classes offered here.


Your Beta and You - Your, you're and yore: their not interchangeable you no

Crayon Writing: Beginner - When the only paper they'll give you is your wall

Crayon Writing: Advanced - When you've mastered the medium and the click of a keyboard is no longer enough

Feedback Frenzy - Use our samples or create your own   Note: This class is highly recommended for non-writers!

Muses and Plot Bunnies  - Someone (or thing) hiding under the bed? Snippets of dialogue stuck in your head? Dealing with the voices in your mind.

Health & Exercise:

Soothing Eye Treatment for Monitor Strained Eyes (American Optometric Association Recommendations)

Self Massage for the Midnight Oil-Burning Writer

Ergonomic Exercises to prevent cramps, cricks, or creaking muscles

Carpel Tunnel Massage Therapy (Includes a special treatment for mouse-clicking fingers)

Carpel Tunnel II: Tips for you and your work environment

Desktop Yoga

Keyboard Yoga
Straightjacket Yoga

Have an idea for a class we can offer? How about a link to somewhere worthy of a spa get-away?
Let us know!

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