Feedback Frenzy!


Feedback is the only pay that fanfiction writers receive, so itís always greatly appreciated. Like chocolate and caffeine, itís essential to the continued production of more fics. So please let the writers know when youíve enjoyed something they wrote by dropping them a line!

To assist you, we thought we'd throw out some samples for you to help you get started. Feel free to cut and paste any of these or add your own comments when sending feedback. And remember, the more often you send feedback, the easier it gets!

Subject: Your epic story

Thank you so much for sharing your story "XXXXXX" I loved your take on the characters and though you really piled on the angst (which was really well done, btw), I'm so glad you decided to give our heroes a happy ending. After all they went through, they deserved it.

Write more soon!

Huge Fan

Subject: Death to Character X!

What a great story! And thank you, thank you SO MUCH for killing of XXXXX. S/He was completely ruining it for everyone, not just AAAA and BBB. I can't believe you hit her/him with a bus, though. :) At least this time he/she'll stay dead. Now, if we could only see this kind of thing on the show!

Thanks for a great read!


Subject: Plot Device Characters

I really enjoyed your story "XXXXXX". I didn't think it was possible to make AAAA human, but you really brought out a side of him/her that I hadn't thought of before. I almost felt bad for her/him. Almost. I'm glad that you decided in the end to keep BBBBB and CCCCCC together.

Thanks for sharing.



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