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LEGAL:   The Shippy Fanfic Writers Guild is a not-for-profit fan site and is not in any way officially associated with the owners or creators of the various television shows featured herein. If you are a legal representative of one of these shows and are concerned with copyright infringement, e-mail us and we will do our absolute best to accomodate you.  
  We are not making any kind of material profit from this fact, we're technically losing money.
CONTENT: This site links to stories about romantic relationships between consenting people, and includes both traditional and non-traditional pairings. If you don't like a particular pairing, click your back button and get the heck out of that particular page.
  We do send an e-mail to the contact person for each web site listed on, requesting permission to place a link on our site. If you are a site owner who would prefer that we not link to you, please don't hesitate to let us know. We want to respect your wishes and will be happy to remove you, no questions asked.
  We are not responsible for the content on the web sites to which we provide links. However, we do check the links regularly. Dead links are removed, as are web sites that no longer have shippy fics available. If you've noted a dead or fic-less link, contact our webmaster.
  Please note that some of the sites herein will link to material rated NC-17 or higher. We'll endeavour to make sure that sites with NC-17+ content are marked, but it's possible we'll miss some. In addition, some sites are password-protected: you will need to request those passwords from the person who maintains that page. As each password-protected site has its own requirements for entry, the Shippy Fanfic Writers Guild will not maintain a list of passwords.
GRAPHICS: We've done our best to only take pictures, backgrounds, and other web graphics from our own resources or those freely available on the Internet. On the rare occasion where we have used a graphic from a site that requested either credit or a reciprocal link, we have included credit or a reciprocal link on the page where the graphic appears.
  If you find a graphic that belongs to you, please let the webmaster know. We are happy to include credit for the graphic or remove it entirely if you prefer.


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