"Developing Your Craft"

"Most writers enjoy two periods of happiness—when a glorious idea
comes to mind and, secondly, when a last page has been written and
you haven’t had time to know how much better it ought to be."

J. B. Priestly

Any author will tell you that learning to write is an ongoing process. We've compiled a by-no-means-complete list of resources to help you, whether you're just getting started or you're an old hand trying to work through a particular issue. Some of the pages below were compiled with a particular shippy fandom in mind, but we hope you'll find the information applicable regardless.

Author Resources

Writer's University
More Grammar!
And Punctuation!
Big List of Fanfic Peeves
What is Fanfiction?
Dr. Merlin’s Guide to Fanfiction
Tips for writing better Fanfiction
Mary Sue – How to avoid her
How to write almost readable fanfiction
Nuts and Bolts and Bytes
The Wading Pool
Fade to Black’s Writing Resources
Eleven Rules of Writing
The Official DAFT Fan Fiction Writing Guide Help File Thing
Resources for Fanfic Authors
The Advantages of Fanfiction as an Art Form 
The Book of Clichés
Copyright 101


Bad Fanfic

What is "bad" fanfiction? Click the icon above for some fun.
For more fanfic writing tips, be sure to check out The Lessons.

Feel like going shippy-professional?

Carolyn Jewel's Writing Workshop

e.Harlequin's Learn To Write

Jennifer Crusie's Writing FAQs

Writer's Resource Center

Eclectics Writing Articles

Fiction Factor

A short article on Writers Block

Have you got a writing resource? An article all writers should read?
Let us know!

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